02 Feb 2019 12:57:55
Hi seeking advice.

Bit of a technophobe here. I have an older hdtv (Not smart tv) and am fed up with extortionate prices I paid sky and now Virgin.
I keep seeing stuff around android boxes, firesticks and streaming services and accessing all PL football.
If I get an Android box, is that all I need to plug in and access tv and sports channels or do I need to download apps or do something else?
Is there an idiots guide to this sort of thing? Oh and can you record streamed tv? Is this possible via an Android box or will I have to purchase something to record tv?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

{Ed007's Note - If it's just football you want to watch there's websites for that and you can access them from any device with internet connection.
For ease of use I'd recommend you get a Firestick over an android box and yes you need to install apps but it's very easy to do and there's plenty of sites (and guys on the Celtic site) that'll help you out with that and get you sorted. You can also go down the road of paid IPTV (Internet Protocol television) which is a paid subscription (usually about £10 a month) to access an app that will have ALL your SKY & Virgin channels incl. movies & sports, PPVs etc etc
Sadly you can't record anything using a Firestick or an android box but you can buy a Freeview box that'll let you record for about £50-70 (you get cheaper and dearer but that's about the price we paid for my mum's and it works great).
Any further questions give me a shout Bobby 👍

1.) 05 Feb 2019
03 Feb 2019 16:08:26
That's great Ed, appreciate. So, in short, to get all tv channels I need a firestick and then subscribe to an iptv service?

{Ed007's Note - yeah that would probably be the best bet.}

2.) 21 Feb 2019
20 Feb 2019 22:54:03
Is the iptv legal or are there risks. Just seems like a crazy deal

{Ed007's Note - It's not exactly legal but I've never heard of anyone getting into trouble apart from guys that run football streaming sites.}

3.) 31 Mar 2019
31 Mar 2019 22:11:35
Yeah they don't actually care about the people who watch the streams, it's the seeders they go after. Much like with the old Torrent programs.

A guy I used to be friends with got arrested for being a seeder while using uTorrent. He didn't actively look to seed, it's just he used to download while asleep and leave it running, so he'd be downloading for about 3 hours and seeding for much longer. Plus he was stupid and didn't cap his upload speed.

The way to look at it is like drug dealers, the authorities really don't give a damn about the users, only the suppliers.