14 Feb 2017 20:13:36
Fear The Walking Dead

I am not the biggest fan of The Walking Dead, to be perfectly honest I find it a bit boring and long winded personally, with too much drama and not enough action. So I watched this hoping, as I had been led to believe, it would be a lot more urgent with more action, as the zombies took over. What I got was very much more of the same, just with different characters and in a setting when the zombies were just beginning, rather than after they have control.

That did add a little more in the way of interesting storylines, dealing with the outbreak, the military etc, which made it more appealing than the original show. At least in my opinion anyway. The weak point, for me, is the characters. I just did not like any of the main group. Not one. In fact I was growing to dislike them each more and more by the episode. Instead of empathising with them and rooting for them to survive, I simply did not care if they died. In some respects it would have been a relief if some of them were killed off.

Admittedly I have only seen the one season of it, which I think is all that has been released so far, so I will probably give it another go with a second season. Mainly in the hope that there are new characters introduced and the family it centres around are pruned out nice and early. As such, I find it difficult to recommend it to anyone who is not a big fan of the Walking Dead.

1.) 07 Mar 2017
07 Mar 2017 14:27:04
I'm surprised you managed to even get through the season ed. Stopped a couple of episodes in after I clocked it was the same garbage. I've already got the walking dead to disappoint me don't need a new show.

{Ed001's Note - I was only watching to see the family get killed off (hopefully) as I found myself disliking them.}