20 Mar 2017 07:01:56
Iron Fist (2017)

Let me start by saying so far have been a if fan of netflixes marvel shows. Jessica jones was solid, Luke cage orginal, and daredevil brilliant (particularly the last season with punisher!) but have tried watching the first episode of this 3 times and haven't finished it once.

Is just bad, dunno how to put it. The main character is unlike able, the plot is slow and worst of all seems more focused on business strategy stuff then martial arts. Sounds silly but with the concept they are working with was hoping it would be more of an action driven show. may try pick it up later but for now can't be bothered really

{Ed001's Note - wow, really that bad?}

1.) 21 Mar 2017
21 Mar 2017 18:30:20
TBH yeah. have watched four episodes and can't remember 1 decent fight scene. compared to daredevil which had a fantastic scene where he takes out a gang inside a building in first episode. Which was epic!

Sorry but for the premise of it expected it to outshine the other shows in regards to fight scenes.also is boring and the main character is just so annoying and unlike able you just want to round house him when you see him.shame as thoroughly enjoyed all the other shows

{Ed001's Note - that is gutting, I have been really looking forward to seeing it.}