17 Jul 2017 12:51:34
Last night I went on a bit of a youtube bender watching old Game of Thrones clips and it got me marvelling just how brilliant the early seasons were, it also made me a little sad ahead of season seven knowing that the show is unlikely to hit those heights again.

The brilliance of Game of Thrones was never the dragons or battle scenes or any of the magical side of things, it was the characters and how their own personal ambitions and motivations clashed with each other. I loved how there were no straight up villains, when Tywin Lanister assassinated Rob Stark it wasn’t because he was a ‘baddie’ he did it to bring a war to end and saved thousands of lives (shades of America using the atomic bomb in WW2). The best scenes had no action at all, just brilliant dialogue, most of the plot occurred in the small council chamber as various schemers jockeyed for position and power.

The show today is very different, there is less ambiguity about the character’s motivation, Cersai and Euron are straight up villains to be defeated whilst Tyrion, Jon and Dani are the goodies coming to save the day. Brilliant dialogue has been replaced by spectacle and whilst I’d never deny that set pieces like the ‘Battle of the B***erds’ are incredible they’re nowhere near as interesting as a character using guile to achieve the same thing.

I will watch the last two seasons religiously, I’m too invested in the show to skip it, I just hope that, as we approach the climax, the show still has some tricks up its sleeve and we’re not just heading towards a climax where were the goodies defeat the baddies and everyone lives happily ever after.

1.) 19 Jul 2017
19 Jul 2017 21:23:09
I think it's just a case of them having to wrap up things quickly. A 10 season series would probably have done complete justice to the series but that is of course not possible due to a variety of reasons.

While I agree that over the past two seasons and even in Dragonstone, they've gone for big moments (The Red Toast? That whole scene was a bit illogical too me but cool nonetheless) , I think it's just something us long time viewers will have to accept.

And regarding your point of being clear good and bad characters ,I agree to some extent. For me they've completely screwed up Daenerys's story arc. The whole Mereen plotline was just boring to me. However GRMM has said that it'll be a bittersweet ending so hopefully there's more shades to her personality. Perhaps she sacrifices her life after all the effort she has put in for The Iron Throne.

But then again there are characters like Jaime and Sandor who have had brilliant story arcs throughout the series. Sandor was the star of the last episode for me. I think he has moved away from The Hound is now just Sandor Clegane.