03 Jul 2019 17:36:24
Top 10 Comedies

This was so hard to do, so many I realised after putting the list together that I forgot, such as Phoenix Nights with Peter Kay and Black Books with Dylan Moran, both of which really should be in there, but I decided not to alter it, even though they would definitely have been in there if I had remembered them when choosing 10. The only reason I am leaving them out still is simply because I could not decide where to put them, though both would be somewhere in the top 5. And now I have just remembered Royle Family as well! My top 10 is a complete shambles I apologise as I have completely forgotten about nearly half of the 10 that should be in there.

10. Married...With Children

I was still at school when this was on TV, late night on ITV if I remember correctly, at a time when I was supposed to be sleeping as I had school the next day. Whether it was actually that good or if it just seemed funnier because I was not supposed to be watching it (or Sledgehammer, which I also remember loving at the time), it has stuck with me and I still immediately think of the show when I see one of the stars of it in something else.

9. Men Behaving Badly

Looking back, I have no idea why this was even worth a watch but it seemed to work. It looks really dated now but then you look at the Clarkson/Hammond/May Top Gears/Grand Tours and you realise it is still going strong, just in a slightly different format. The thing about it was, we probably all identified with it to a degree, either in terms of knowing people like that or being like it ourselves.

8. The IT Crowd

This was on TV here the other day and it still made me laugh, Moss and Roy are great characters. It was just spoilt by Noel Fielding's infrequent appearances, which are about as funny as having teeth extracted without anaesthetic. The rest of the show was funny though silly.

7. Barry

Dark and violent as it is at times, it can shift to funny in a split second. Even in the midst of a scene of carnage it can make you laugh, especially through Noho Hank, who is ridiculous but funny. It should not work but it does.

6. Peep Show

The only thing these two have done together which is funny, Mitchell and Webb I mean. Somehow this show works. It is odd how the losers always make for the funnier characters. And these two are massive losers in the show.

5. Only Fools And Horses

It seemed to go on forever but still manage to stay, mostly, funny. There were odd episodes that failed to live up to the level of the rest but overall it is deservedly seen as one of the funniest shows of all time. Who can forget Del Boy and Rodney emerging out of the fog dressed as Batman and Robin to come to the rescue? And how many times have you heard someone quote lines from the show?

4. Red Dwarf

Cheap, cheerful, silly but somehow funny. It should never have worked but somehow it did most of the time. Oh and it introduced the word smeg to the general population, something my uncle Paul said all the time, long before Red Dwarf was thought of.

3. Two Pints of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps

Coarse, crass but seemed funny at the time. I do wonder if it would still work now, but it was funny. A lot of these shows have probably dated horribly thinking about it.

2. The Inbetweeners

Obviously not the US remake, which was the least funny abomination in history, but the original British version, which somehow was hilarious. That rare thing in a comedy show of being genuinely laugh out loud funny at times, as well as making you cringe at the stupidity of the characters. There are not enough shows made that are proper comedy shows that do make you laugh.

1. Fawlty Towers

It is not exactly PC and you could never make something like it now, but it is quite simply brilliant. Unlike many other shows they stopped before they ran out of ideas and just ended up repeating the same gags over and over. The best thing about it is that it was based on a real hotel and owner, that John Cleese met with the Monty Python crew when they stayed in the hotel while filming. He was such a horrible employer that the cook planted a bomb when he left while they were staying there! And who can forget some of the immortal lines from the show? I am sure we have all said 'don't mention the war' at least once in our lives.

1.) 04 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019 09:41:58
Do you remember Game on Ed ? had Samatha Janus in it when she was super hot !! Ben Chaplin played Matt in the first season of episodes and he couldn't leave the flat !! great show that.

{Ed001's Note - oh gosh yes. Another one I forgot. They changed Matt but the new guy was good as well in the end. Loved that show. Damn I am crap at these top 10s!!!}

2.) 04 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019 12:13:32
Cheers for these lists ed! Shows how much the genre is struggling though with the majority of these being from 90's 00's.

Only fools is my personal favorite, mainly because i grew watching the repeats every Sunday. But I have never known a show that can make you change emotions so quickly, from genuine heartfelt moments, (where they were stuck in the lift) to laughing seconds later.

Two pints definitely won't age well. And would probably come across as incredibly sexist now!

And fawlty towers is just iconic, but i hope no one tries to replicate any of the above of reboot them. These should be left well alone!

3.) 04 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019 15:05:38
So good Game on was. Both matt's were good, I think there was another called Coupling, bit like the English version of friends. Don't make em like they use to that's fer sure. Think Game on was on before Xfiles on a Thursday night lol. Showing my age now.

{Ed001's Note - I remember Coupling, much better than Friends, which was awful. Never understood the raving about that.}

4.) 04 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019 16:29:05
I'm glad you put Red Dwarf in there, that was my favourite as a kid ^_^
No Only Fools and Horses or Blackadder?

{Ed001's Note - Only Fools is in there, but I did completely forget Blackadder. The whole list is a shambles!!}

5.) 04 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019 16:36:46
Father Ted is missing too, very sad =[


The last one gets me every time :D

{Ed001's Note - I forgot about that too. Dammit. Pretty much the worst list ever as only about 2 of them should actually be in it if I remembered everything.}

6.) 04 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019 21:22:06
Haha, I was writing up something about video games that revolutionised the industry, I got 3 game series down but went completely blank about any others, so I just cancelled it lol. And I can't believe I missed Only Fools and Horses from your list at #5.
Another one that you may remember is Brass Eye, the episode on the fake drug "Cake" and "Paedogeddon" had me rolling around laughing.
Gary Lineker is just ridiculously easy to get! LOL.

7.) 05 Jul 2019
05 Jul 2019 22:16:32
Open All Hours, Love Thy Neighbour, Dads Army, On The Buses, Bottom, 'Allo 'Allo, Poridge, The Young Ones, Last of the Summer Wine, One Foot in the Grave, Wallace and Gromit.

Damn Ed001, you might have to do this list again lol.

{Ed001's Note - can't stand any of them except Young Ones, which would probably make it.}

8.) 05 Jul 2019
05 Jul 2019 22:20:49
Really? I quite like them. Maybe it's a sentimental thing as I used to watch all those while I visited my Grandad before he passed.

{Ed001's Note - they were dreadful though mate.}