13 Jun 2021 09:52:47
Ed001, you watched loki yet? If so What were your thoughts on it?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, watched it the other day and really enjoyed the idea. Looks like it is going to be fun, if a little odd. I was surprised they revealed who was being hunted so early though.

What about you mate?}

1.) 14 Jun 2021
14 Jun 2021 18:22:35
I really enjoyed it, it is a slow start but he is one of the best characters that the MCU has created so plenty of scope for the show.

I am slightly worried that it will get really daft with the multiple timelines, similar to X-Men which has left it unwatchable for me. But they haven’t made many mistakes yet so I’m sure they will get it right. And I’m still not 100% sure of the rules for time I’m the MCU.

I can’t remember where I saw it but there was a list of 10 best actors on these sites, hiddlestone has to be in there for me he’s a cracking actor.

{Ed001's Note - that was on the movies and you are right, he is an exceptional actor, I can't believe we forgot about him!

I agree on Loki being one of the best characters, but in large part I would say Hiddlestone helps to make him quite so good. You put him and Thor together and it is always very watchable as the two bounce off each other brilliantly with some fantastic lines.

Time travel stuff can often end up messy, when you add multiverses in too, you are right it can just get silly. Hopefully the lighthearted nature of Loki will help make it work. It certainly does with Legends of Tomorrow, which was awful when it was played straight, mind all those DC shows, such as Arrow and Flash, are terrible, they are like 80s teatime TV, so dated. Legends doesn't take itself seriously and so became watchable and enjoyable, at least until the latest series, which might be a season too far.}

2.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 14:18:39
you watched the final episode yet ed? I won't say to much just in case but I thought it was excellent and acts as the start of phase 4 for me.

My concerns above have been settled and can't wait for what comes next.

It also reaffirmed what we said, Hiddlestone is a very good actor and one of the very best out there.

{Ed001's Note - not yet mate, I did enjoy the one with multiple Lokis though. I have to say Hiddlestone is impressing but I did think he was a bit outshone by the alligator in ep 5.....}

3.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 11:05:16
Watched it yet Ed? And if the alligator doesn't get an Oscar for that performance, there's just no justice. Such a snappy performance deserves the highest of accolades.

{Ed001's Note - I did watch it. I am unsure though how I felt. Which I think is good because they made me think, there was no meh was that it? Instead it left me wondering. And now you have left me groaning.}

4.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 11:04:29
I loved it, it's the first show that properly linked to the MCU imo.
Wandavision ended up being a prequel for the scarlett witch we will see in Doctor strange.
Falcon was an orgin story for new cap but Loki truly has huge implications going forward for the MCU as we know it. Plus I had no idea who Jonathan Majors was so didn't realise it was kang (or a variant) until the Conqueror line.

He made the episode for me, it takes a talented actor to have effectively a monolouge but keep you interested. I also loved the opening sequence.

The episode made me feel a lot better about how they are going to deal with the multiverse moving forward and I think by doing that, everything Marvel has ever done. X-men Fantastic 4, Deadpool etc has all just become canon. I thought I would struggle to keep being interested in the movies after endgame, but nope, I am hooked again!

{Ed001's Note - I would love to see a Deadpool series next.}

5.) 26 Jul 2021
26 Jul 2021 14:04:17
I actually really enjoyed Loki in the end, first few I was not to keen but what a final episode.

Very well done Disney.