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22 Jun 2017 08:55:27
Caught up on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. over the past few days, mostly because I was just interested to see how they tied it in with the films. Despite the appearance of Ghost Rider, a character I like a lot, I was really disappointed with this show. It made a few references to events from the films, but it was very much separated.

It never felt like the same universe that has Capt America etc in it. They are so hugely conspicuous by their absence, even when events would clearly have attracted the involvement of some of them. Every reference to them, or the films, just made it more obvious that they were missing.

They need to solve that problem, to make their absence less conspicuous. Either by creating storylines that properly integrate with the films', including a few of the heroes in the show or by running storylines that clearly would not call for the involvement of the superheroes.



10 Jun 2017 11:49:44
I watched Mr Robot over the last few days, admittedly I tend to not concentrate that hard on what I am watching as I am busy editing, but it was hard work. Not hard work as in rubbish, hard work as in difficult to follow what was going on. It really does mess with your head. Now I have watched it all the way through, I have no idea if I actually enjoyed it or not! What I do know is that it kept me watching all the way through and made me want to see what happened next.

1.) 10 Jun 2017 21:57:11
That's exactly how I found it ed. I never get much time to watch tv or film nowadays, but I heard good reviews of Mr robot and thought I would give it a go. It's not the best nor the worst thing I've watched.

{Ed001's Note - I am still trying to figure out what it was!}

2.) 18 Jun 2017 22:51:57
the trailer to it looked brilliant (the coffee shop scene) and I couldn't wait to watch it then I watched it and part of my life I will never get back I thought it was terrible one of the worst series I've ever watched

{Ed001's Note - so you enjoyed it then? I am a little unsure dd, you should get off that fence.....}

3.) 14 Jul 2017 15:15:38
Ed honestly I'd rather be stripped naked and dragged over broken glass shocking series add to that the next series I watched was wayward pines and that was on par

Watching line of duty atm and I'm really enjoying that as I really don't like British series.

One to look out for ed only seen the trailer but looks good midnight Texas

{Ed001's Note - the trailer for Inhumans looked interesting.}

4.) 14 Jul 2017 15:33:11
Yes just had a look does look like one of the better marvel series but suppose that could be because the others have been piss poor



18 May 2017 07:01:17
Any good shows anyone can recommend? With the season coming to an end I will have a bit of time to watch TV.

1.) 18 May 2017 21:22:15
Two ends of the spectrum:

West world (takes a while to get going but is great)

Rick and Morty (fairly well known show but only recently started watching it, funny as!)

{Ed001's Note - West World does look good, I have been meaning to watch it. Thanks I will give that a try. I have seen Rick and Morty a few times it's ok but not something you can have on in the background while editing.}

2.) 25 May 2017 14:19:06
If you're into tech then you should check out silicon valley. Comedy/drama about what happens when success comes to those least prepared for it. Three seasons of it so it should keep you busy.

{Ed001's Note - I will have a look for that cheers.}

3.) 28 May 2017 08:19:52

I really enjoyed vikings, the last ship, lucifer and an old one but one I've only recently watched dexter

{Ed001's Note - I have heard of the others, but not the last ship. What is that about?}

4.) 28 May 2017 08:28:55
Easier to copy and paste but here you go

At the helm of the USS Nathan James en route to the Arctic, Capt. Tom Chandler learns that the destroyer will be in the best possible place -- a circumstance his crew must utilize -- to save humanity from extinction. A virus has wiped out more than half the population since the ship embarked, and despite orders from the U.S. government to return, Chandler -- believing home is now a shadow of itself -- decides the safest place to develop a vaccine is at sea. That task falls mainly to virologist Dr. Rachel Scott, a civilian originally assigned to the Nathan James to study birds. "The Last Ship" is based on a novel by William Brinkley and is executive-produced by filmmaker Michael Bay ("Transformers").

{Ed001's Note - ah ok. Is it new then? Or have I just been in a bubble and missed the show up until now?}

5.) 28 May 2017 08:29:41
Also another one I like even just for the fight scenes

Into the badlands

{Ed001's Note - I was thinking about trying that one, so I will have to look into it during the summer.}

6.) 28 May 2017 08:31:53
There's 3 seasons of it finished and it's been renewed for a 4th and 5th season

{Ed001's Note - so I have been in a bubble then! That's usual for me, I never really watch TV other than football.}

7.) 31 May 2017 03:34:33
Just a heads up Dave to not bother watching Dexter after season 4. One of the worst if not worst series finales iv'e ever watched.

8.) 01 Jun 2017 16:04:45
Prison Break
Walking Dead (although it's going nowhere)
Wayward pines
Stranger things (got a great 80's movie vibe)

All good shows if you've not watched any Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I hated lost and most of those I tried and didnt get into to be honest mate. But thanks for the suggestions.}

9.) 08 Jun 2017 22:31:44
Just remembered dirk gently holistic detective is a great shout if you have Netflix! Also not a show but new film on Netflix called headshot. has the main guy from the raid in it so assuming a it's good!



14 Feb 2017 20:13:36
Fear The Walking Dead

I am not the biggest fan of The Walking Dead, to be perfectly honest I find it a bit boring and long winded personally, with too much drama and not enough action. So I watched this hoping, as I had been led to believe, it would be a lot more urgent with more action, as the zombies took over. What I got was very much more of the same, just with different characters and in a setting when the zombies were just beginning, rather than after they have control.

That did add a little more in the way of interesting storylines, dealing with the outbreak, the military etc, which made it more appealing than the original show. At least in my opinion anyway. The weak point, for me, is the characters. I just did not like any of the main group. Not one. In fact I was growing to dislike them each more and more by the episode. Instead of empathising with them and rooting for them to survive, I simply did not care if they died. In some respects it would have been a relief if some of them were killed off.

Admittedly I have only seen the one season of it, which I think is all that has been released so far, so I will probably give it another go with a second season. Mainly in the hope that there are new characters introduced and the family it centres around are pruned out nice and early. As such, I find it difficult to recommend it to anyone who is not a big fan of the Walking Dead.

1.) 07 Mar 2017 14:27:04
I'm surprised you managed to even get through the season ed. Stopped a couple of episodes in after I clocked it was the same garbage. I've already got the walking dead to disappoint me don't need a new show.

{Ed001's Note - I was only watching to see the family get killed off (hopefully) as I found myself disliking them.}



15 Dec 2016 08:20:18
The Blacklist

Now in its 4th season, Raymond Reddington has become a very well established character. The story continues to revolve around him and his mysterious relationship with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen. It continues to suggest the possibility of them being father and daughter while, at the same time, continually throwing other possibilities into the mix to cast doubt. Red continues to pass people on his blacklist on to the FBI in order to fulfil his desires at the time. Yet it still, despite the format being pretty much unchanged, continues to keep you guessing as to what is next and the reality behind the relationship.

It is one of the best action TV shows around currently. James Spader suits the role of Reddington, who is the centrepiece of the whole show, even if he is not the one who has the most screentime. While it should seem to revolve around Elizabeth Keen, who is the one with most of the screentime, she almost seem incidental at times. This is about Reddington, even when he is not on screen, his character is looming over every sequence and that is a good thing. He is not a nice character, but he is an excellent one, larger than life but believable all at the same time. This makes for TV worth watching.

1.) 16 Dec 2016 22:27:40
Im surprised you still watch that ed01. Got bored with the constant is he or is he not her father and the format of the series. Agree with you james spader makes the show but even that isn't enough for me to keep watching the same thing every episode. Then again i quit after season 2 so it might have improved. Although Elizabeth Keen is a horrible actress and watching her act was one of the reasons I quit the show.

{Ed001's Note - it did get better, much better, as it went along, even though I have to agree she is terrible and really ruins the show.}




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14 Feb 2017 20:13:16
What is Veep? I have seen Archer, that is the animation one right? If so, personally I did not enjoy it enough to bother with.



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15 Dec 2016 08:20:08
I did watch the pilot for Man in the High Castle and it was enough to make me want to watch more. I have yet to find the time, but I will be watching it when I do get a chance. I am also looking forward to seeing Westworld, that looks really good too.



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23 Nov 2016 07:48:27
I love House of Cards, a really good show, though every main character is thoroughly detestable!



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03 Dec 2015 19:27:34
It is ringing a bell mate, but that is all. I might be getting my kids TV shows mixed up, but did they not have a group each with a different vehicle with a special weapon of some kind?



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30 Nov 2015 16:25:18
I was looking at that the other day, looks interesting, I was considering looking at it.




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